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What Attracts Mosquitoes?

1. Mosquitoes love moisture, heat, shade, and thick forest.

2. Only pregnant females prey on humans.

3. How do mosquitoes find you? They can smell the human body 50 meters away. CO2, which we exhale, is the most appetizing and solid pointer. They are also drawn to people dressed in dark or bright clothes and those who wear sweet or flowery fragrances.

4. Mosquitoes barely bite vegetarians and raw foodists. More often they go for individuals who are in love and exude estrogen or testosterone, including kids and pregnant women. People with a high concentration of steroids or cholesterol are also at risk. Mosquitoes are attracted by the uric acid found in sweat, as well. Therefore, working out near them is not a good idea.

5. You are at risk if there is any water near your place. They lay eggs on the water surface, whether it's a small river, pond, or lake. This respawning takes place regularly. According to the Food and Environment Hygiene Department, eggs develop within two or three days. It takes another week for larvae and pupa to grow.

6. The bloodthirsty females are especially active in the evenings and summertime. Some types have peak activity at night from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. There are morning mosquitoes too, though.

7. Mosquitoes can breed right at your house if there's any stagnant water.

8. They fly to their victim against the direction of the wind and back downwind.

9. Mosquitoes' mouthparts are ideal for hunting. Their saliva contains an anesthetic (so we don't feel the bite) and a substance which prevents blood clots. That's why you will bleed for a few minutes after the actual bite, and then feel the pain and sting even later.

10. They detect a number of natural smells, such as essential clove, lemon, eucalyptus, basil oils, cedar oil, and peppermint.