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In-Season Mosquito Control Steps

Cover Potential Water-Collecting Objects When Not in Use

There are some objects you may store outdoors during the warmer months, such as boats and wading pools. Keep these items covered when you're not using them, or overturn them to prevent mosquito access.

Be Vigilant After Rainstorms

Summer rains are sometimes refreshing and keep your lawn and plants healthy. Rain also creates puddles and pools that are sure to attract mosquitoes. Patrol your property after every rainfall and sweep up or dry wet areas where possible.

Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Mosquitoes generally stay away from well-maintained swimming pools. However, if you don't use your pool for an extended period of time or fail to keep it clean, they'll likely be drawn to the dirty, stagnant water. The pool cover will collect rainwater, so if your pool remains unused and covered for extended time frames, dump off any accumulated water.